Camel trekking

Camel trekking

A camel trek in the desert of Merzouga is a unique and unforgettable experience in Morocco. This excursion takes you through the sand dunes of the Sahara, where you can admire breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture.

You will begin your adventure by traveling to Merzouga, a small town located in the southeast of Morocco. There you will meet your camel guide, who will introduce you to your camel and give you instructions on how to get on and off the animal. You will then set off on a several-hour hike through the dunes, with regular breaks to rest and take photos.

At the end of the afternoon, you will reach the Berber camp, where you will spend the night. Berber camps are traditional camel canvas tents, authentically decorated with rugs and cushions. You can relax with a mint tea and watch the sunset over the dunes. Dinner will be a delicious traditional Moroccan meal, prepared on site by local cooks.

If you’ve opted for the deluxe camp, you’ll get more comfortable accommodation, with more spacious tents, beds and private bathrooms. Dinner will also be more refined, with Moroccan and international dishes.

After dinner, you can listen to Berber music, watch the stars in the night sky, and maybe even take part in a traditional dance. You will then spend the night in your Berber tent, lulled by the silence of the desert.

The next morning, you can enjoy the sunrise over the dunes before setting off again by camel for the return to Merzouga. You will keep unforgettable memories of this unique experience in the Moroccan desert.