Adventure in Morocco is a nomadic Berber team that organizes tours in Morocco to discover different regions and different cultures. We offer tailor-made trips for groups and individuals, tailor-made tours, walks, excursions and cultural activities. We also offer transfer, accommodation and catering services. Our team is made up of experienced guides who know Morocco and its different regions well. We are proud to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience in this magnificent country.
Our experience of the desert as much as nomads allows us to offer you authentic and unforgettable trips. We offer tours that will allow you to discover the most beautiful sites in Morocco, its towns and villages. You can also enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the desert and its oases. We also offer you activities such as hiking, camping, trekking, mountain biking and many more. We are at your disposal to help you organize your trip.

We roam the Moroccan Sahara in search of pastures for our herds of goats and camels. We move according to the seasons and weather conditions, adapting to climatic changes. We are authentic Saharan nomads and we are proud of our way of life. We live in harmony with nature and respect the environment. We listen to the signals that nature sends us and we adapt to changes.

Drawing upon our deep-rooted understanding of the desert and our nomadic heritage, we curate authentic and indelible journeys. Our meticulously designed tours provide an opportunity to discover the most captivating sites, including enchanting towns, picturesque villages, and the ethereal landscapes of the desert and its mesmerizing oases. Immerse yourself in a plethora of exhilarating activities, ranging from hiking and camping to trekking and mountain biking. With a commitment to exceeding your expectations, we are readily available to assist you in organizing every aspect of your tours in morocco.

As genuine Saharan nomads, we traverse the Adventure in Morocco in search of lush pastures for our herds of goats and camels. Adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing seasons and weather conditions, we embrace a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment, taking great pride in our way of life. Our nomadic lifestyle fosters a deep respect for nature, enabling us to attune ourselves to its signals and adapt accordingly to its fluctuations.